Our suite of standard form contracts is the most comprehensive set of construction contract documents currently available.  JCT's concensus approach to the development of contracts means that clients (private and public sector), consultants, contractors, specialists, and sub-contractors are all involved to ensure that we create a robust suite of contracts that meet the needs of  an ever-developing industry.

From large-scale, highly complex construction projects, right through to home owners looking to make improvements or alterations, JCT provides contractual documents to support a wide range of construction activity.

Our main contracts and sub-contracts are also fully supported with individual guides and other documents, including agreements and collateral warranties.

Our full range of contract documents can be explored in more detail below.

Contract families

Our contract familes contain main contracts and sub-contracts to support the range of collaborative procurement methods used by construction industry. From traditional, to design and build, or an integrated team approach, JCT's contracts are adaptable to all types of construction projects.

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JCT's agreements provide a range of tools for procuring pre-construction services, appointing consultants and adjudicators, or establishing long-term relationships in the procurement of regular work.

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Collateral warranties

Our collateral warranties cover a broad range of uses, including warranties for employers, funders, purchasers and tenants.

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JCT’s guides give a comprehensive introduction to a range a JCT main contracts, sub-contracts and agreements. An essential introduction for first-time JCT contract users.

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  • Collateral warranties
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