FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which JCT sub-contract should I use?

    The choice of the JCT sub-contract is generally dependent upon the JCT main contract. Please refer to the Guide to selecting the appropriate JCT sub-contract. Also, please refer to the relevant Contract Family page.

  • Where can I buy a JCT contract?

    You can purchase hard copies of the full range of JCT 2011 contracts from the website. Start shopping here.
    For 2011 Tracked Change Documents, please go to Tracked Change Documents page.
    For pre-2011 contracts, please go to Pre-2011 contracts page.

  • Can I download a JCT contract?

    To download the JCT Home Owner Contracts, please go to http://www.homeownercontracts.com/.

    Currently a selection of contracts are available through JCTOn Demand, with further JCT contracts to be rolled out in due course. For more information, please go to JCTOn Demand page.

    Electronic copies of JCT contracts are available only as part of the subscription service provided and maintained by our publisher, Sweet & Maxwell. For information on the JCT Contracts Digital Service, please visit http://www.jctcontracts.com/digital/

    Tracked Change Documents are available in hard copy only. For more information go to Tracked Change Documents page.

    For Public Sector Supplement, please go to the Public Sector Page.

    Useful Documents page contains freely available resources. 

  • Are there Homeowner Contracts 2011?

    There is no 2011 revision to the Homeowner Contracts as they are exempt from the Construction Act.

    The JCT Home Owner Contracts are not affected by the new payment legislation (new Construction Act) because a construction contract with a residential occupier or someone who intends to occupy the dwelling as his/her residence is excluded from the provisions of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (Construction Act) and this position has not been changed in the new Construction Act.

    The current version of the JCT Homeowner Contracts is 2005 (revised March 2015). 

  • How do I obtain permission to reproduce some of the JCT text?

    Our publisher, Sweet & Maxwell, deal with all copyright permission requests on our behalf. The contact person in this regard is Suzanna Wong (suzanna.wong@thomsonreuters.com)

  • Where can I purchase ‘Practice Note 6 (Series 2) – Main Contract Tendering’?

    JCT Practice Note 6 (Series 2) Main Contract Tendering has been superseded by the JCT Tendering Practice Note 2012. Copies of the superseded Practice Note are available from Sweet and Maxwell’s Document Delivery Service. e-mail: trluki.admincentral@thomsonreuters.com

  • What does JCT do?

    JCT is the UK’s leading producer of standard forms of construction contract. For more information, please go to About us page.

    For information on the range of JCT contracts generally see the JCT Practice Note 'Deciding on the appropriate JCT contract' which is downloadable from Useful Documents page.

  • Why should I use a JCT contract?

    JCT construction contracts are well established as they are used in 4 out of 5 construction projects in the UK.

    JCT contracts are designed to meet clearly defined needs and apportion risk in a way that is appropriate for the procurement methods they reflect.

    JCT contracts are produced to provide two key services: 

    • Minimise the transaction cost of entering into a contract
    • Provide benchmark provisions in standard form contracts

    For more information please go to About our contracts page or browse our Contracts.

  • What systems and devices are JCTOn Demand compatible with?

    The service is compatible for use on Android mobiles and tablets. Apple IOS devices should be compatible providing Adobe Acrobat is downloaded and compatible with the device. Output to Microsoft Word is not permitted.

  • Can I use the contract more than once?

    Your JCTOn Demand contract can only be used once. When the contract has been set to 'Final' by clicking 'Finalise Contract' in your dashboard, the file will be locked and no further change will be possible.

    To start a new contract you will have to purchase the contract again and complete the interview process.

  • Where can JCT contracts be used?

    JCT contracts are principally prepared for use in England & Wales but are adapted for use in many countries throughout the world. JCT contracts can be used outside England & Wales so long as they are suitably amended to meet any specific legal requirements of those countries.  JCT does not publish a schedule of amendments to meet such requirements.

    For matters relating to Scotish building contracts, please contact you should contact the Scottish Building Contract Committee at www.sbcconline.com regarding the SBCC 2011 suite.

    For copies of the Northern Ireland Adaptation Schedules for the JCT 2011 suite or any related queries, please contact The Royal Society of Ulster Architects at www.rsua.org.uk or call 028 9032 3760.