SBC16 Project Pack

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Darya Bahram
Format: Stationery
Pages: Pack of admin forms and guidance notes
Publisher: RIBA Publishing
Date Published: July 2017

The SBC16 Project Pack is a completely up-to-date set of contract administration forms specifically produced for use with the JCT Standard Building Contract 2016. The Pack is tailor-made to work with the SBC16 contracts (SBC/Q, SBC/XQ and SBC/AQ) and contain a comprehensive selection and sufficient quantity of forms – all prepared in a clearly laid out and easy-to-use format – to administer a project under the contract.

The SBC16 Project Pack contains:

  • Interim Certificate (12 copies)
  • Statement of Retention (12 copies)
  • Statement of Reimbursement of Advance Payment (12 copies)
  • Notice of Partial Possession by the Employer (2 copies)
  • Notification of Adjustment of Completion Date (2 copies)
  • Non-Completion Certificate (2 copies)
  • Practical Completion Certificate (2 copies)
  • Section Completion Certificate (8 copies)
  • Certificate of Making Good (2 copies)
  • Final Certificate (2 copies)

The Architect/Contract Administrator’s Instructions forms are not included in the Pack and are available separately in pads of 50 (Note: Unfortunately, this product is out of stock from the issuer.  Please contact the issuer direct with any queries on this). Additional pads of Interim Certificates, including Statement of Retention, are also available in pads (12 x Interim Certificate and 12 x Statement of Retention).

ISBN : 9781859468302

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