JCT On Demand


Due to a technical issue with JCT’s publishers, Thomson Reuters (provider of JCT’s On Demand service ), the JCT On Demand service is no longer available. Users are not able to access the service.

If you have purchased an On Demand contract that you were unable to finalise before 30 June 2017 please contact JCTOnDemand@tr.com.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact JCTOnDemand@tr.com.

JCT apologises for the inconvenience this will cause to JCT On Demand customers. We encourage all users to join the JCT Network to receive early notification and updates about the current development work we are undertaking to improve and relaunch JCT’s digital contract services. 

JCT users can access digital versions of the JCT 2016 Edition of contracts via the JCT Contracts Digital Service. To keep informed about when the new online service will be available, as well as notification about other JCT products and services, join the JCT Network.