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JCT On Demand is the digital equivalent of the JCT hardcopy contract. Purchase a JCT On Demand version of your contract of choice via our store and get instant online access. Fill in your contract in a safe, secure, online environment using an intuitive Q&A process to enable you to fill out your contract comprehensively.

JCT On Demand is ideal for those who want instant access to their JCT contract, to be guided through each section to make sure it is completed comprehensively, but are not looking to make bespoke changes or amendments to the contract text. The system also enables you to save and print drafts, print out a professional plain copy for signing, and generate a comparison document showing your changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

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With JCT On Demand you can:

  • Complete your contract using an intuitive Q&A process, which makes filling in the contracts easy and makes sure you cover all the key areas. Questions change depending on the answers you give, so you only complete what is relevant to you.
  • Use the split Q&A and preview screen – see your answers update the contract in real time as you progress.
  • Use improved design features, such as easy to access document actions, interactive progress bar, and an easy to navigate folder structure, to help make finding and progressing through your contracts a breeze.
  • Print DRAFT watermarked copies as you work to review your contract.
  • View and print comparison documents showing your changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency.
  • Finalise and print - when you want to finalise your contract the draft watermark is removed and you can print your copies.

What products are available on JCT On Demand?

When clicking on the products below, make sure you select the 'JCT On Demand' option from the Format box on the product page to purchase the correct version.

Note: JCT On Demand contracts include the CDM Regulations 2015 amendments.

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