JCTOn Demand FAQs

The JCTOn Demand FAQs will help explain some of the key features of the On Demand service. Just click on a question below to open up the answer. For detailed information on using the JCTOn Demand service, be sure to have a look at the user guide.

  • How do I access JCT On Demand?

    Log into your account at www.jctltd.co.uk/login and click on Access my JCT On Demand. N.B. this option will only be available after you have purchased at least one JCT On Demand contract from the online store.

  • What are the system's requirements to use the service?

    The service is browser-based and is compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and Edge Chromium. Old versions that are not supported are no longer tested. Please update your browser. JavaScript must be enabled for the application to work.

  • I have purchased a JCT On Demand contract – how do I find it?

    Log into your account at www.jctltd.co.uk/login and click on Access my JCT On Demand. You will find a list of contract(s) that you have purchased in My Documents. You can perform a Search, and you can Sort your contracts, using the boxes at the top of the list. If you have purchased Guides these can be found at the end of the list. 

  • Which contracts are available on JCT On Demand?

    All documents within the JCT 2016 Edition of contracts are available via the JCT On Demand service.

  • Why is the price of JCT On Demand contracts different from the hardcopy contract?

    JCT On Demand pricing includes two copies of the contract, one copy for each party. It is good practice that two identical contracts are prepared for each project and signed by the parties with the original kept by each party.

  • How do I fill in a JCT On Demand contract?

    Log into your account at www.jctltd.co.uk/login and click on Access my JCT On Demand. Locate your contract in My Documents and click Open. The contract will open with a Question and Answer (Q&A) screen on the left and a Preview panel on the right. Fill in the answers to the Q&As on the left and your answers will populate the preview on the right.

  • Do I have to answer every question?

    No. You will only be asked relevant questions based on your answers to previous questions. We always recommend completing the Q&A from start to finish however, to ensure that you have comprehensively covered all areas of the contract. Some questions are mandatory in order for the “Finalise” button to become active. These are marked with a red asterisk.

  • What do the colours mean in the Progress Toolbar/ Question Summary?

    Grey = group of questions not viewed. Once viewed they will turn red or green.

    Red = mandatory questions viewed but not answered. These must be answered in order to finalise the contract.

    Green = for non-mandatory questions this group of questions have been viewed. These may be left unanswered - the contract can still be finalised. For mandatory questions this group of questions have been answered.

  • Why can’t I click on the grey panels in the Progress Toolbar/ Question Summary?

    Grey panels indicate groups of questions which have not been viewed in the Q&A and are therefore not clickable in the progress toolbar. To view these in the Q&A, click on the preceding question group and click Next.

  • Can I amend the contract template?

    You cannot edit/add/delete the text of the JCT template, you can only input your text via the Questions and Answers screen.

  • Where are the page numbers?

    Page numbers are not shown in the Preview but will appear in the document when printed.

  • Why am I being asked to enter a section identifier?

    Some contracts will ask the question in Recitals: “Are the Works divided into Sections?” If you selected “Yes” you will be asked to enter a list of Section identifiers later in the Contract Particulars. If this was a mistake, you can go back to the original question in the Recitals and select “No”. 

  • How do I generate a draft contract?

    Click Download in My Documents and click the top PDF icon “Download to PDF” to generate your draft contract in pdf format.

  • How can I view changes compared to the original contract?

    Click Download in My Documents and click the icon for “Show document changes” to download a PDF of the tracked changes between your document and the JCT standard template. The comparison document will be updated each time you return to the questions and answers. When the contract is finalised the comparison document is added to the end of the final contract in a single PDF file. For the purposes of transparency, the contract creator is required to provide this comparison document to the counterparty.

  • What is the comparison document? My contract states: "This document has changed from the published version. A comparison document must be provided."

    The comparison document tracks the changes that have been made to the original contract. It must be sent to the other party alongside the contract for transparency of the changes.

    At draft stage you generate the comparison document by clicking on Download and then selecting the last option “Show document changes”. Send this to the other party alongside the draft contract.

    When you finalise the contract, the comparison document is appended to the contract in the exported pdf file.

  • How can I view a summary of my Questions and Answers?

    Click Download in My Documents and click the icon for Q&A. This will output your questions and answers in alphabetical order.

  • Can I view earlier versions of my Contract?

    No, you will need to download and save a copy of your contract to your computer if you wish to view these at a later stage. You will only have access to the latest version of your contract in My Documents. To view when each version of your contract was created, click History in My Documents. 

  • How do I print out a final version of my contract?

    You will be able to print a final version of your contract once all mandatory questions (marked with a red asterisk) have been answered. Once the mandatory questions are complete the “Finalise” button will become active. Once you click “Finalise”, the watermark will be removed and the file will be locked and no further changes can be made.

  • The “Finalise” button is active but my contract is not showing as 100% complete. Why?

    You do not have to complete the entire Q&A to be able to finalise your contract, only the mandatory questions (indicated by a red asterisk). Your contract will only show as 100% complete when you have viewed the Q&A in full. If it is less than 100% complete it means there are questions you haven’t looked at. We always recommend completing the Q&A from start to finish to ensure that you have comprehensively covered all areas of the contract.

  • How can I check whether a contract is a genuine JCT contract?

    A unique contract ID is located in the header of each contract produced from the online service. This enables contracting parties to check it is a genuine JCT contract. The contract search tool is available on   the JCT website at www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-digital/contract-checker.

  • Can I share my draft contract with another party?

    You can download a pdf copy to your PC and send by email. The other party will not be able to amend the contract directly in pdf format.

  • I’ve forgotten my password

    Please go to www.jctltd.co.uk/forgotten-password.aspx and request a new password to be sent to your registered email address.

  • How do I remove the draft watermark?

    The draft watermark will be removed when you have answered all the mandatory questions (these have a red asterisk before the question) and you are ready to finalise your contract. Once you finalise your contract no further amendments can be made. 

  • Why do I have a red lined document in my final contract?

    Your final contract will comprise a clean copy of the contract and a red lined or comparison document of your changes to the original template. This is by design to provide transparency of the changes to all parties.

  • Can I use a JCT On Demand contract more than once?

    Each purchase of JCT On Demand is for one-time use. You will need to purchase a new contract for each new project.

  • How can I sign my contract using a digital signature?

    The service was designed for users to print out hard copies and sign with wet signatures. Although not endorsed by the JCT and not part of the online service, it is possible to use third-party digital signature providers such as DocuSign. Users will need to have their own subscription. The PDFs are not compatible with AdobeSign.

  • The PDF is password protected. What is the password?

    The PDF is password protected so that no untracked changes can be made to the contract. If you need to amend the contract once finalised, you can print and amend by hand. If you need to combine the contract with other documentation, you can print and assemble the hard copies.

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