JCT Contracts Digital Service (CD)



From 1 October 2022, the current CD service will be withdrawn from sale and will be replaced by the JCT Construct service, which was launched in 2020. 

Options for existing customers

You can choose to renew your current CD subscription for another 12 months if you have contracts in progress. You will have 12 months to complete your contracts and at the end of this period print credits will no longer be available to buy. New contracts and documents will not be made available on the CD and technical support for the CD service will end on 31 December 2023.


You can choose to migrate to JCT Construct now, ahead of the closure of the CD. JCT Construct is an online, subscription-based service which maintains the JCT contract structure you are already familiar with. The improved editing functionality means you can add your own amendments, clauses, or other customised text, as well as create boilerplates. The service brings JCT Digital up to date with functional and technical advances. It ensures that the wide variety of JCT contracts can be accessed easily and securely online and best serve your drafting needs.

You can find out more about JCT Construct, including an overview and benefits of the service by visiting: www.jctltd.co.uk/jct-construct.
To migrate to JCT Construct and to get help with choosing your subscription, contact: adonis.pelaez@thomsonreuters.com.


Last CD renewal date: 1 September 2022
Closure date: 1 September 2023
Last date for CD support: 31 December 2023
For assistance contact: adonis.pelaez@thomsonreuters.com

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