Fluctuations and JCT Contracts

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Duration: 55:45

This JCT Training Video Module provides an overview of the options available within JCT contracts for the use of Fluctuations provisions.

  • Learn about JCT Fluctuations Options A, B & C, the differences between them, where to find them, and how to select them in the Contract Particulars. 
  • Learn about the operation of the Formula Rules under Fluctuations Option C, including identifying and establishing the Base Month, the differences between Part I (Work Categories) and Part II (Work Groups), and how to make and maintain the necessary calculations using the formula.
  • Find out how to make the necessary requirements for operating Fluctuations Options A & B and where one or other might be more relevant.
  • Get general guidance on the principles behind fluctuations provisions and their use.

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Edition : 2016

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