Weather Planning Report

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The Weather Planning Report is designed specifically for the product planning phase and offers Long Term Averages and 1-in-10 year values for 11 weather elements for each month of the year. Available for more than 3500 locations.

What’s covered in the Weather Planning Report?

The data comprises both 1-in-10 Year and Long Term Averages  for the following weather elements:

  • Daily Rainfall Total (mm)
  • Days of Rain > 5mm
  • Days of Snow
  • Days with Snow Lying at 0900 UTC
  • Days of Freezing
  • Days of Ground Frost
  • Minimum Air Temperature (Deg C)
  • Days of Air Frost
  • Mean Wind Speed (mph)
  • Sunshine Total (hours)

Choose your location from the sites map link below, fill in the co-ordinates and select Add to Basket. You will be invited to create an account or login to complete your payment.

NOTE: If you want to purchase reports for multiple locations, these need to be checked out and purchased separately. 

If you have a query about a Met Office product you have just purchased from the JCT online store, or have an issue with your order, please click here to contact the Met Office.

Edition : 2016


Choose the nearest location to your site - we have over 3,500 sites available. Click the button below to open our sites map. Select the one nearest to your desired location and enter the latitude/longitude co-ordinates in the box below.

Latitude, Longitude:(to 6 decimal places ensuring Longitude is either +ve or –ve x.xxxxxx,+/- y.yyyyyy. USE ONLY CO-ORDINATES FROM THE SITES MAP)
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JCT Met Office Weather Reports

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