Building Contract for a Home Owner/Occupier who has not appointed a consultant to oversee the work (HO/B)

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Current version: HO/B 2005 (revised July 2009; revised March 2015)
Previous version: HO/B 1999

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  • This contract is for a home owner/occupier who has not appointed a consultant to administer the contract. The customer deals directly with the contractor.
  • It is suitable for small domestic building work, such as extensions and alterations.
  • This is a consumer contract for a residential occupier; therefore it is excluded from the provisions of the Construction Act. However the contract does provide for adjudication in the event of a dispute between the home owner and the contractor. See Rules for Adjudication (HO/Adj) and explanatory notes
  • The works are carried out for an agreed lump sum (including VAT), which can be paid in a single payment on completion, or agreed interim payments.
  • Part 1 (The arrangements for the work) covers:
  • The work to be done, Planning permission, building regulations and party walls, Using facilities on the premises, Price, Payment, The working period, Product guarantees, Insurance, Working hours, Occupation and security of the premises, and Disputes.
  • Part 2 (The conditions) covers:
  • Contractor’s responsibilities, Customer’s responsibilities, Health and safety, Changing the work details, Extending the working period, Payment, Contractor’s continuing responsibility, Bringing the contract to an end, Right to cancel, Insolvency, Other rights and remedies and Law of the contract.
  • The pack contains two copies - one each for the client and contractor.
  • Want to buy a downloadable PDF version? Click here (you will be able to fill in the form digitally, but you won't be able to amend the JCT text digitally).
  • CDM Regulations 2015 applies to both domestic and commercial clients. Domestic clients should refer to guidance produced by the HSE, Want construction work done safely? (INDG411(rev1)), which can be downloaded for free from

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