Intermediate Sub-Contract Conditions (ICSub/C 2024)

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Current edition: ICSub/C 2024
Previous editions: ICSub/C 2016, 
ICSub/C 2011, ICSub/C 2005 (Revision 2 2009)

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NOTE - the JCT On Demand version of the Intermediate Sub-Contract includes both the Agreement (ICSub/A) and Conditions (ICSub/C).

  • The Intermediate Sub-Contract is made up of two parts: the Sub-Contract Agreement (ICSub/A) which includes the Recitals, Articles and Sub-Contract Particulars, and the Sub-Contract Conditions (ICSub/C).
  • It is for use when the main contract is either the Intermediate Building Contract (IC 2024) or Intermediate Building Contract with contractor’s design (ICD 2024) and where the appointed sub-contractor is not required to design.
  • This Sub-Contract is not suitable if the appointed sub-contractor is required to design any of the works, or be ‘Named’ in the main contract (consider Intermediate Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design or Intermediate Named Sub-Contract).
  • It can be used when the main contract works or the sub-contract works are to be carried out in sections.
  • It can be be used for sub-contract works that are to be carried out on the basis of an adjusted sub-contract sum (adjustment for variations etc.) or by complete remeasurement.
  • Provisions are included for collaborative working, sustainability and off-site materials bond.
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  • Download Model Form for the Sub-Contract Rights Particulars
  • Download JCT Fluctuations Option

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ISBN : 9780414108929

Edition : 2024

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